Friday, 24 January 2014

Daring to Double Denim

I think that I've been like an activist against the wearing of double denim since the age of like 15 (I wasn't a very stylish kid), so when this outfit popped into my head, I was definitely fighting it. However, I think the reason that double denim causes such offence is that people where the same shade of denim and then look like they're in All Saints circa 1993 (or whenever). Anyhoo - it's Friday muh'fuhers and I am possibly the most excited I have ever been in life. Potentially some good news to share soon and if/when that happens, I swear't I'm buying everyone eDrinks. Which is code for I'm doing nothing for you but making it seem like I am.


Pretty much this entire outfit is from New Look so no need for a breakdown. Deuces yo'


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