Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Don't You Wish Your Best Friend Was Dope Like Me?

The answer to this question my friends is yes, yes you do.

As you should know, it was my OTL's birthday a few days ago and because I'm clearly in love with her/think she deserves pretty things, I got her a pair of red bottoms. Hate on haters.

The night was delightful and filled with mirth , mead (wine) and mad folk. She obviously dressed up like Princess Jasmine because she is a knob head and thinks she's too naaaaaiiiiccceee (nice), but truth be told she looked beautiful. Also, just to clarify, I'm not actually into girls and we aren't a lesbian couple - I feel that gets confusing every once in a while.

Ok, apparently I have a job to do today so look and some pictures and be content. 

I MAY have tried them on just so my feet could feel some joy. Is that so wrong?


wardrobe malfunction. awks.


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