Thursday, 2 January 2014

O Ye of Little Faith: Leather & Lace

I know some of you thought I was going to do one post and disappear into the ether again, however, I'm here to dispel the slanderous rumours somewhat accurate impression that I'm dead and gone with yet another outfit post. IN YO' FACE! Or just erm thank you for sticking with me etc...

Ok, to the outfit. Something about braids makes me want to funk up my attire and alas for the working world, today is my first day back to work, so not only have I gone from a weave to braids (which I LOVE by the way), I've also gone from moderately appropriate clothing to entirely not giving a crap and embracing the way my braids make me feel, so I'm thinking that everyone is going to be slightly perturbed by my ensembles. Today, I'm feeling like my 'Hammer Time' leather trousers, crop top and head band. Who's with me?
Ignore Billy the belly, he's just saying hi.

Close up of my necklace. Cute no?
I'm obviously not wearing sunglasses to work, I just felt like wearing them for some of the pictures. Sue me. 
This is the actual length of the top so it's not sooo bad
This is how I will actually look before God and man. I've sacked off eye makeup so I can wear my red lipstick and ease my colleagues into the return of my insanity.

The bottle in this picture is my new vanilla scent that my mum bought me from Dubai. I personally thinks she's been sold vanilla essence from Tesco in a fancy bottle, but I'm a sucker for pretty bottles and I've been known to rub vanilla essence on myself before so who am I to complain?

Anyhoo, to reiterate once more. I'm back bitches. In other words, please don't leave me. I'm needy.


Unknown said...

Yay you're back! I feel the same way when I get my braids, I feel like upgrading my whole wardrobe
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