Thursday, 16 January 2014

OOTD: Check (Shirt) Me Out...

Because I'm a dedicated employee, I've decided to take the morning out to share my ensemble for today. If we all have a think about it, I've been hired as a writer so any time spent writing is technically me brushing up on my skills. Now that I've presented that clearly exculpatory reasoning, shall we move on? Good chat...

So most days at work, I dress like a hobo but since I work in offices that house everyone in the Daily Mail group, I feel like periodically, it's my duty to remind everyone that I stay slaying the outfit game. Or really that I'm like all the other girls. Not only that, I've branched out with some colour in the form of my new favourite blouse. It's checkered and if I were to describe it in one word, I do believe that word would be 'bomb'

Let me know if you agree - lies will be accepted. 


Outfit details:

1. Blouse: ASOS 
2. Jeans: Zara
3. Necklace & rings: H&M
4. Shoes: New Look
5: Face: The Almighty
Face and makeup because I'm a tad vain innit

The shirt in all its winged glory

Teamed with waxed leather-look jeans from Zara

Shoes from New Look

Add a white blazer and I'm out yo' 


Onyxsta Say-Bleurgh said... aloready know I'm like Stalker #1/Stan/well...I'm done trying to define our relationship LOL!!
Good to have you back in the blogging world! You were missed...
erm...who has time to be checking out that shirt when those hips aint lying all up on my screen! DANNNNG!!!!


Nicola said...

LMAO. Yes I am indeed back (and glad to be) also, can you please let my hips live? If my bum would just catch up then I would have zero complaints.

Raissa said...

Those shoes are awesome! The gold detail is perfect combined with the top.

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