Monday, 20 January 2014

OOTD: Tropical Monday

I really want to go away. Somewhere hot preferably as I'm not really a fan of this unearthly chill. Alas, the British weather is not a respecter of persons and as such I am perpetually freezing. However, as an ode to the tropics, I decided to dress like a floral arrangement and there is no shame in this. However, in other news, my pal from Houston is soon to be arriving in the country which means nothing other than boozy nights and hungover days. Have me in your thoughts and prayers.


Kept it casual today, but nonetheless, here are le outfit details:
1. Shoes - Topshop
2. Trousers - Primark
3. Top - H&M
4. Blazer - vintage and yes I wear it often. Sue me.

You know where my face is from so I won't bore you with that. Good day.


Tilly said...

I love your hair...the braids look very nice....and your eyebrows are on point...seriously..I was looking at them in your recent photo...a little creepy but I kinda want my eyebrows to look like that.

Nicola said...

Cheers boo - but you know my brows are the product of a brow pencil right? You can own them too if you please, just ask one Mr. Barry M

Style & Poise said...

Very cute look! Love how you paired this look with mustard flats.


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