Wednesday, 8 January 2014

The Other Woman: A Grey Area?

So, I've just finished watching Being Mary Jane and whilst I don't think it's on the same level as other thought-provoking dramas (think anything by Shonda Rhimes), I must say that I thoroughly enjoy it and not just because Gabrielle Union dresses impeccably. In terms of issues that it does bring up, I'd like to take a second to talk about the concept of the other woman and how of late, many a TV show tell the tale from her point of view and perhaps highlight the possibility that adultery is not so black and white an issue.

Before you all start to stone me, I'd like to say that I'm of the base opinion that cheating is wrong, however, I've always said (and I stand by this) that the fault is primarily on the adulterous partner; the party that made the promise to remain faithful and not on 'the other woman'. By all means, she ought to feel guilt, she ought to want more for herself than to be someone's second choice, but should she be the object of hatred? I think that depends on the circumstances. Perhaps if she set her sights on ruining a union, then yes - go right ahead, paint a scarlet letter on her forehead and call it a day. However, much like the scenario in Being Mary Jane, I sympathize with her just a smidgen and I think it's possible to catch feelings for the wrong person and find yourself in a situation where you know you ought to back the hell away and do the right thing, but may already be in too deep. Cutting people off is easier said than done especially if said person is filling your head with declarations of love. However, Mary Jane needs to stop shagging the babes lest she lets the D clouds her judgement and she confuses lust for love.

Also - as an aside, does anyone else think that the show draws a parallel betwixt Mary Jane and Gabrielle Union with the whole Dwyane Wade thing or am I just reaching? Ho hum - whatever the case may be, I love it and will be watching next week. Join me.


Unknown said...

I also saw the similarity between Gabby's character and her personal life...
I saw the premier last year and will no doubt be continuing to watch.

Nicola said...

You and me both Megan, you and me both!

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