Monday, 10 February 2014

(Yesterday's) BOTD: Colours Ain't So Bad

Guys,  I've finally freed the braided bondage, so yesterday, I thought to myself, I'd get dolled up and grab lunch with my babes. However, because my life is never simple, after an hour of strolling in heels looking for the bloody brunch destination, I was fully ready to make a fire and roast the bitch over an open flame for suggesting a 'trendy spot'. In Brixton. 

We finally find the place but obviously in this here 2014, they don't take card - why not? Trying to salvage the day, we thought Satay bar would be a nice compromise...but they were closed. Why not? At this point, being the classy lady I am, I slipped off my heels and put on the flat shoes and told my babes that if she ever tried to suggest brunch, lunch or anything akin to it ever again, I'd punch her square in the throat. I don't know if you can tell but I get a TEENY bit grouchy when I'm peckish.

Anyway, we got food in the end. Let's not discuss what or how much I ate - you can all assume that I got a salad because I'm a delicate and waif-like creature. I didn't, but I'd like you all to assume so. Dietary woes aside, I tried to look a bit nice for my baby and I must say, I'd make a pretty darn good lezza girlfriend. Just as arm candy though as I'm not really into chicks.


I usually never wear colours but check me out being a rainbow:

Blazer: Zara
Pencil skirt: Asos
Shoes: Zara
Top: Can't remember - sue me

Throw on a blazer aaaand...

Done. Boom.

Despite the appearance, the skirt is actually a pencil skirt but I'm still taking these blasted pics on my laptop so no judgements yeah? Good chat.


Aimee Lake said...

Pretty cool!
Designer shoes - Try to visit they have nice jeans, handbags, dresses and accessories too!

Aurora Berill said...

Love your blazer and your make up! :)


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