Saturday, 7 February 2015

Goodbye my lovers

Hi guys,

If you actually follow me to this day, then kudos to you. Thank you for being a dedicated follower, you're a better human than I. For all interested parties, and my 3 friends, I've relocated blogs and I'm hanging this bad boy up. It's not because I don't love you and appreciate you listening to my crap - it's more because I want to write about a different line of crap and start afresh. If you still care about me, come find me here

This will be my final post. Ever. EVER.

My new blog is called Wild Hormoans and if you like me, you'll like it. Fashion, TV, relationships and more. It's basically me shoving my opinions down your throat. Open wide.

I love you


Sherted Washat said...

These sound lovely, and they look so cute, so might add these to my list :) xx

Unknown said...

Just beautiful. Love it all the way.

Regards, | Amaira

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